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Write It Live

As I was digging through the back end of my blog this morning (WordPress 2.6 upgrade issues) I noticed I got a few hits from WriteItLive.com.  Not knowing what this product was, my curiosity led me to their site.  It looks like an interesting product. Here are a few snippets from the About page that have caught my eye and have me thinking.

WriteIt! Live is a web-based writing application that creates a paperless writing environment. WriteIt! Live allows teachers to assign new assignments to their students from any computer with internet access. Students can view, complete, and turn in their writing assignments digitally!

WriteIt! Live allows for seamless communication between a teacher and their students. Teacher and Student accounts integrate with each other, but they serve different purposes and have difference features.

I also liked this part from the same page…

Teachers also have access to over 75 writing templates in all subject areas that can guide students step-by-step through the correct writing sequence. Teachers also have the ability to add student accounts, create classes, and monitor student accounts. Teachers also have a digital homework drop box for students to digitally turn in assignments when they are complete.

So, now I am intriqued.  It looks like they have a free trial account I can test out with my students.  I know we are already using elements of WriteItLive (paperless classrooms, direct submissions, etc.) using Moodle and the Apple Blogs & Wikis.  However, I am curious about the 75 templates for different subjects.  As a science teacher I sometimes struggle with effectively and efficiently teaching students how to write in the correct format.  I always like templates to provide scaffolding for both the students and me.  It gives us a place to start.  If you’ve used Write It Live post a comment and let me know what you think.


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