Wild About a Wiki Periodic Table


Another year…another wiki.  Last year my students constructed a wiki textbook along with a wiki glossary.  The year before we used the Moodle wiki as work spaces for a roller coaster project.  This year we’re using wikis again and adding a new collaboration – a Wiki Periodic Table.

I love using wikis in the classroom and so do my students.  They’re easy to construct – if you can click and type you can create a wiki.  They’re also free and teach real-world collaboration.  The Wiki Periodic Table is a combination of two paper-based projects I’ve used in previous school years – an element report and a class-built periodic table.  This year each student is responsible for one element on the Periodic Table.  Pairs of students will work together to construct a wiki page and an element card for the periodic table on the element of their choice.  With this project I am also trying to model for my students the idea that others can view their project and use their work as a resource.  My students weren’t completely convinced this was true, so I created a Visitors Page with a Google Map where visitors can post a placemark sharing their approximate location and thoughts on our project.  On Friday a few of my Twitter colleagues posted placemark comments on our map and my kids were amazed!  Now that understand we have an audience, they’re very proud to share their hard work and motivated to “make it look great.” When you have a moment check out our wiki and please post a comment on the Vistors Page.  To see what each element will look like, click on Hydrogen.  Throughout the week come back and watch their work develop!


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