Where’s Waldo?


Remember those “Where’s Waldo?books from your childhood?  This week you can bring the hunt to life for another generation of children and maybe even win some prizes.  Borders Books UK has teamed up with Google Earth, media partner the Daily Telegraph, and Walker Books to deliver a week-long search for Wally (or Waldo in North America).  The following details come form the full press release.

The competition can be entered online only on the Borders UK website. To win, fans will have to follow a series of daily clues to find Wally, hidden on Google Earth in seven different locations across the globe. The first daily clue will appear exclusively in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 3rd November and then a new clue will appear on borders.co.uk/whereswally each day for the following six days.

Anyone who finds Wally’s location on any individual day will be entered into a prize draw to win loads of Wally’s merchandise. Anyone who finds all seven secret locations on Google Earth will then need to enter all the longitude and latitude references on the Borders website to get to the final round. The winner, drawn at random, will win a fantastic holiday to Wally’s secret final destination.

Living in California, its a bit tough to get my hands on a copy of the Daily Telegraph, but I plan on checking out their website for the first clue.  I’m curious if it will show up in print and online.  Otherwise I plan on heading by the NewsBeat on my way home to check out a print version.  This might be a fun way to spend a few minutes of Hawk Time aka homeroom this week.  I think I’ll have my students download the link and participate in the fun.  We’ll see how it goes!


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