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While taking a lunch break from grad school homework this afternoon I saw a short story on CNN about a new video game website geared towards parents (and many teachers). What They Play is an online video game guide created for those of us who hear a lot about these games from our children or students, but really never really played them. On this site you can search for any popular game and find a synopsis, video clips, and images. There is also the ability to post a review of the game too. This portion of the synopsis for Halo 3 seems to be pretty accurate from what my students have told me.

“So be aware that Halo 3 is a game that can prove fiendishly addictive and time-consuming. But that’s not why the ESRB rates the game “M” — that’s due to the “Blood and Gore,” “Mild Language,” and “Violence” cited as descriptors. The game is undeniably violent: It centers around shooting aliens, and then shooting some more aliens, and then shooting a few more aliens (or, in online combat, shooting humans in full body armor). This results in a great deal of green or purple alien blood being spilled in the single-player campaign, and the occasional, reasonably restrained, red blood splatter online. You’ll also hear words like “hell” and “damn” and “bastard” in the single-player campaign.

But note that if you play online, you’ll almost definitely hear a lot worse. The Halo community is notoriously infected with foul-mouthed, abusive players, a fact parents should be aware of. Luckily the game does allow players to mute voice chat altogether — and there’s nothing a foul-mouthed attention-seeker hates more than being ignored.”

I did find it rather ironic that on the same page where this review is posted there is also a link to purchase the game at Amazon, but I guess What They Play needs a method for funding their site. Take a look when you have a chance. What They Play also has a handy Video Game Glossary.

Okay, back to work! SPSS is calling.


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