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Well, as you can see JoeWoodOnline has a new look and format. We’ve made the big move to WordPress!

About 24 hours ago, after spending two hours on the phone with GoDaddy technical support, I was seriously questioning my sanity. Earlier over Thanksgiving weekend I decided to take the plunge and switch my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I had a few extra family-free days and from what I had read the switch was relatively easy. Quickly I found my research was not very accurate.

As my coworker and graduate school commiserator Lisa asked, “why would you do that?” Honestly, I am not sure any more. At some point in time I was mesmerized by the array of WordPress templates and plugins, but after four days of some bad tehno-karma I can hardly remember those idealogical moments. Nothing about this move has been simple except for the solution to my final problem.

At some point in time my database became corrupted to the point I had to have someone at GoDaddy manually remove it for me. On top of that my URL became all screwy and would produce nothing other than a “404 Error.” However, last tonight I figured out that on my own. For some reason http://www.joewoodonline.com didn’t work , but http://joewoodonline.com did. Now they are both up and running! Who knows why or how it became suddenly “fixed.” It must be magic. :-)

Over the next few days I will be making adjustments to my new home, so stay tuned. I have a few formatting issues that I need to solve and after this past weekend I keep waiting for a giant crash. I fear a few of you may have lost your subscription during the move. You may want to delete your previous subscription and resubscribe with the current RSS feed.

Have a great day at school!


Photo: Japanese Maple by Paul Keleher

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