Voicethread – Computers & Writing 2009


This morning Computers & Writing 2009 is starting off with an amazing session on Voicethread. I have the luxury of learning from Gail Desler from Elk Grove Unified who has been using Voicethread with Title 1 students throughout her school district. Gail has an excellent collection of amazing Voicethread projects on her wiki. One of my favorites is a Voicethread created by middle school students using a political cartoon to discuss the crisis in Darfur

Gail has also shown us how Voicethread can be used in math. I’ve made my own Voicethread related to 6th grade science standards. Its still a work in progress, but feel free to sign up for a Voicethread account and leave a comment. I always thought Voicethread require voice comments, but I’ve also found out you can leave text comments or “doodles” where users draw and annotate as they record. Gail just mentioned you can also phone in a recording if you don’t have a microphone.



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