Virtual Lab Part Deux


In the summer of 2006 Lisa and I had the opportunity to attend the NECC conference in San Diego. While we were there we attended a conference about NASA’s Virtual Lab. This free, downloadable program allows your students to experience using electron microscopes. If you are having a deja vu moment its because you’ve seen it here once before. (Thanks for being a loyal reader! :-))

Red Blood Cells on Virtual Lab

Cells and microscopes are part of the 7th grade curriculum in California. As we roll into cells here at Somerset, Dianne and Gary are dusting off our light microscopes (thank you SO much) while I am installing the latest version of Virtual Lab our student computers. There are some great new samples!

Even if you don’t have individual student computers you should definitely take a look at this website and download the program. With the help of your computer hooked up to a basic LCD projector Virtual Lab will make a fantastic addition to any lesson you are currently using.



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