Who says Twitter has no educational value? Okay, that was me. I actually didn’t say it has “no value.” I just didn’t see any value…yet. I finally found an interesting way to use Twitter in the classroom.

On the day before Christmas vacation in 8th grade language arts, my teacher had us complete a short writing project to fill the time until the final bell rang to dismiss us for a 2 week holiday. We sat in groups of five and each of us had to write one paragraph to a story. We passed our paragraph to the next person and they continued the story. Five minutes later the paper was passed again. Once the paper had been passed five times it ended up back in your hands where you had the opportunity to read how other classmates had used your idea to create an original narrative.

Using this concept and Twitter people have started Twittories. For readers who don’t use Twitter, this is a service which is also know as “microblogging,” that allows people to post messages 140 characters or less in length to share ideas or stay in contact with their followers. To create a Twittory 140 people sign up in a numerical order to each post a 140 character addition to a story. The “story” is actually a Twitter page each of them are following. Once complete the 140 authors have collaboratively created a fictional story. If you are interested in learning more about these I would definitely check out Clay Burell’ s Twittory post. You can also sign up here to be an author for a holiday-themed Twittory.


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