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Here’s today’s proof that Twitter connects people. During the early morning melee of iPhone users attempting to upgrade to iPhone2.0 the Twitterverse was alive and well with users quickly finding their beautiful, yet overpriced pieces of early 21st century technology (I’m an owner – I can say this) being converted into iBricks. I’m giving credit to @senatorgrant for that term – or at least that’s who I’m stealing it from. “What’s an iBrick,” you might ask? Well, its when your iPhone locks up to the point where all you can do is make 911 emergency calls. It happened to me and at least two other iPhone users I personally know this morning. Fortunately, with a little patience and perseverance we were able to get our phones upgraded and operational. We weren’t alone. If you hurry on over to Summize you can view the iPhone2.0 Twitterverse in action for yourself.

My second piece of Twitter Connectedness is in the picture above from my iPhone (I guess there is a reason for screen shots – I’ve used two today). While watching the noon news on KCRA, our NBC affiliate, I listened to Adrienne Bankert tell viewers that the new iPhone 3G model was $199 for current iPhone users and $200 more for new users. I had never heard of this and I couldn’t find anything online, so I put it out a tweet asking others if they were aware of this dual pricing scheme. With in minutes another TV station, Fox40, sent me a tweet that this was not the case and they were correcting their story. Very cool! I guess I am going to have to watch their news, but I really can’t stomach Fox News National. I’m too young and liberal…but they are using Twitter. :-)

So what does this all mean? Probably nothing specific, but to me its just another sign that Web 2.0 creations like Twitter are connecting us in new, different, and immediate ways. Not to mention, that I just thought it was pretty cool.


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