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I just finished editing my last review podcast for the Trimester 2 Final in my 8th grade science class. We’ll be using them tomorrow in class to review for next week’s exam. The way these work is that I create a list of key questions (17 this time), pairs of students answer the questions and record their responses using a Zen Nano MP3 Player/Recorder (I know Burt – I should be using the Zoom H2, but I still haven’t found that moving box). Using Garageband I turn the recordings into podcasts (should I ever end up at an Apple 1:1 school my kids will be doing this part, but 62 kids using Audacity on 15 Windows machines is too much for my OCD to handle at this point). Some of the answers aren’t perfect, but they hit the main points and my students use these as a supplemental resource. In my opinion the power of this review strategy comes from students having to write their answers in the form of a script and having the opportunity to listen to their friends. Last year this was my student’s favorite method of review for both finals and the CST.Tomorrow my students will listen to all 17 podcasts and answer the complete list of questions using ear bud headphones from home and the 15 computers. If I didn’t have the computers or should not enough headphones appear we’ll be listening together as a class. Its fun, engaging, technology-rich, and another great way to review. If you’re interested listen to the podcasts on iTunes or in the player above and here is a link to the worksheet (T2ReviewPodcastWS).

If you’d like to make a few of these yourself, just let me know. Its really easy and I am happy to let you borrow my MP3 Player/Recorder.


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