Trading in my Macbook Pro for an iPod Touch


For the next 48 hours I will be trading in my 15 inch Macbook Pro for an iPod Touch (aka iTouch).  Some of you might think I’m a little crazy, but after attending NECC09 and meeting people like Scott Meech and his iEar Project I want to experience what life would be like if I was a high school student and my primary access to the Internet was an iTouch.  Today I was handed a brand new iTouch to pilot and here are a few questions I hope to answer with this experience.

  • How hard will it be to live without a full size keyboard?
  • Can an iPod Touch be a realistic alternative to a netbook?
  • What applications are must haves?
  • Would it be realistic to leverage personal, student-owned, iPod Touches as learning devices in the classroom?
  • …and I’m sure a few others that will pop up along the way.

I plan to keep my laptop closed and tucked away for any traditional in-school type activities, such as reading, writing, and accessing web 2.0 tools.  Should some significant video or photo editing event come my way or if I need to reboot my iPod Touch I’ll get the computer out.  Since Tweetdeck is already installed on the iPod Touch you can follow my experience on Twitter.

Have a great weekend!


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