Tracking the Torch


Google Earth Torch LRI just finished reading on the Google Earth Blog about a great way to follow the Olympic Torch as it travels across the world. Google has created two cartographic methods for watching the torch move from city to city using either Google Maps or Google Earth. The Google Map version is pretty informative and straight forward, but the Google Earth method is much prettier. It involves downloading a simple file and playing it in Google Earth.

When you have a few spare moments take a look. As you can see the torch was in Istanbul today and it looks like it will be in San Francisco on Wednesday. Its a great way to track the torch for current events during advisory each morning.


Follow Up 4/4/08

This morning I showed off the Olympic Torch GE file to my students and as we watched it travel around the world I was met with three questions.

  1. How does it stay lit on the plane?
  2. What happen if it runs out of fuel?
  3. Can you be arrested for throwing water on it?

A few seconds of “googling” let me to this article from the BBC News Magazine. It clearly answers the first two questions and by describing all of the security protecting the torch also pretty much answers the third qustion.

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