Never Before Seen Toxic Map of Your Neighborhood

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Sometimes the best way to show the impact of toxics on the environment is to see it on a map. Even better, to see how close it might be to your home! This is a great tool to use with students so they can “personalize” the reality of the impact of industry on their lives. It’s called MapEcos and it allows you to find out whether there are any high toxic risk industrial facilities in your neighborhood. It’s a Google Maps mashup based on the EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data.

It’s built on top of Google Maps and users are able to search by location (address, zip code, city) or simply zoom in on the map. The application will display all toxic facilities for any requested area presenting them using red (high emission levels) and blue (low emission levels) markers.

Now you’re curious!  So click this link and see for yourself.  You’ll be surprised to find what’s not to far from where you live.  Show it to your students and encourage them to learn more about their environment.

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