First Thought: I saw this post from Doug Johnson regarding previous posts from Scott McLeod and Tim Stahmer and I laughed out loud regarding the idea of creating technology IEPs for teachers. Its GREAT! We need them. I am sometimes shocked at the disparity in technology knowledge between my colleagues. Forcing them all to go to the same meeting to learn the same thing would be pointless. Some people need classes on simply connecting all of the different types of cables while others would benefit from classes web design. I am going to have to keep this in mind as I advocate for more technology professional development. Plus I like the idea of an IEP helping people demonstrate professional growth (as in moving forward).

Second Thought: Today at a staff meeting the topic of teacher websites came up. Someone ( well a couple of people) suggested that teachers should be careful about setting these up because they might then become a job requirement for teachers to maintain. I should have probably said something, but the comment caught me by surprise. While I can understand their thought process (not logic), the comment saddened me. There are so many great pieces of technology we can use to engage our students. Websites are only the beginning. On top of that they also keep parents informed as to what’s going on while their children are at school. When these comments were said I had one of those “Is this the right place for me?” moments. It kind of has me a little off-kilter. I guess I have more convincing to do when I am around my colleagues.

Third Thought: I love my students. I love the fact they love to learn. Right now I am having an email conversation with one of my 8th graders about how to set up his own RSS aggregator using Bloglines. On top of that blogging with them this year has been great fun! Its one of the reasons why I have been a little distracted from posting on this blog (I need to get better about that). Last week we even had an in-class discussion based on some video projects and a Creative Commons post to our blog. It was great! Tomorrow we are going to give digital cameras during a lab activity a whirl. Should be interesting!


Photo: Question mark by Lee Reynolds

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