“The Writing Project Saves Good Teachers…”


Last week I wrote about a book I discovered at the National Writing Project annual meeting, The Book Whisperer.  The author, Donalyn Miller, was inspirational both in her writing and her speech. Yesterday, I discovered a video of her remarks and I thought a few of you might like to check it out.


While watching the video, a couple of my favorite lines brought me back to Florida and the laughter-filled convention center with many of bonding through Donalyn’s remarks.

“You see, I hate writing…”

“I suffer from flashing cursor syndrome…”

“The Writing Project saves good teachers…”

That last one is probably the one I hope you’ll understand the most.  The Writing Project is a home for anyone who is looking for a place to join a community of passionate educators who are constantly looking for ways to improve their craft regardless of grade level or subject area.  If you are in the greater Sacramento area, remember Area 3 Writing Project’s 2011 Summer Invitational application window is currently opening.  You should apply!  Perhaps your first book is just a Summer Institute away.


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