The Trolls Among Us


Over the summer I have become a huge fan of the New York Times. Ironically, I have my iPhone and its New York Times application to thank for this. I like the nice organized layout within the software. I actually bought a printed version today and I have to say I didn’t like reading that version nearly as much. So, why have I come love the New York Times? Its the only newspaper I have found where journalists are still journalists – you know those people who actually go out, do a little investigating, and write a unique story. I think Associated Press stories shouldn’t be printed anymore. Chances are if it ran on the AP wire I’ve already seen it and am honestly already sick of listening to the details discussed ad infinitum by talking heads on CNN or Faux News. I don’t blame writers themselves for the decline of true journalism. I’m pretty sure we have the rise of 24 hour TV news and the Internet to thank for that. However, its nice to see journalism is alive in well in at least one place.

The story I read this morning from the New York Times Magazine, The Trolls Among Us, is an example of the journalism I have been missing from other sources. The story is a fascinating and disturbing look at the lives of people who enjoy ruining other people online. Complete with stories of hackers altering the MySpace page of a 7th grader who had recently committed suicide the story really asks the question, “where does free speech become cyberbulling?” I’m hardly doing the story any justice by describing it in two sentences. When you have a chance check it out.


Photo: Project 365 #17 Troll Dolls by MyGothLaundry

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