The Way Things Should Be


As anyone who has ever stumbled past my “Joe Who” page knows, a few years ago I switched school districts and unknowingly entered the realm of education technology when part of an EETT grant fell into my lap.  “High tech” at my previous school consisted of the personal laptop I brought to school and secretly hooked up to the network (Do you think the statute of limitations has ended yet? 😀 ).  On my advanced days I might even be able to get a hold of the one LCD projector we had on site.

Needless to say, when a COW of student laptops rolled into my room along with a whole bunch of other high-tech instructional accouterments the way I teach dramatically changed.  Fast-forward a few years and couple of job title switches, I also realize that my career plans for the future are very different than when I left my first regular-tech low-tech school.  You see, along with the technology tools I received, I also worked with one of the best technology directors who has inspired me to try new things, graciously challenge the status-quo, and realize that one day I will need take a leadership role myself.  As a former classroom teacher who isn’t afraid to use open-source tools, has embraced Web 2.0 tools, and always puts student success and engagement first, the tweet he posted tonight wasn’t totally surprising.  However, after a meeting today full of “Nos” or “Why would we do that?” it reminded me of how things should be….and will be.



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