The Secret of Glogster


“Glogster?  What’s that?”  A few months ago that was my reaction when John Patten mentioned the online poster creation site, Glogster.  After a Saturday of playing, I’ve become a huge fan! Glogster is a bit tough to describe. I guess you could characterize it as an online interactive poster website thingy. Think of it as a 21st century scrapbook page with clickable scrapbooking chotchkie. Play with my first Car of the Future glog to get a sense of Glogster.

Did you notice the links from each picture and the way the video played in the TV? Cool huh? Keep in mind the only tech skills you need to make one of these are clicking and typing! This blog post was tougher to make! Glogster has a site for the masses, along with a separate site for education uses.  If you sign up for a GlogsterEdu account you can also create student accounts.  This weekend I created an account on the GlogsterEdu site and created my first “glog” about NOVA’s Car of the Future, since I know this is a project we will do later in the year.  I’ve posted it above for you to check out.  The GlogsterEdu site has a nice collection of student examples at the bottom of its page.  As you can tell, many of them are interactive PBWiki pages.  I’m definitely going to use this with my kids once I make sure the tech Gods haven’t blocked it for student use.  Its another great way students can easily use digital images, text, and videos to synthesize ideas and share them with world.


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