Millennials Declare Independence



Tonight through a Facebook item post by high school friend in Utah I stumbled across one of the most powerful Millennial videos I have ever seen. Generation WE – the Movement Begins chronicles many of the problems facing the Millennial generation and challenges us to join Project F.R.E.E, an Apollo space program sized endeavor to develop non fossil fuel based energy solutions.  The Generation WE site is part of a book by the same name recently released by Eric Greenburg and Karl Weber.  While this might make the site sound like little more than a marketing gimmick, the book is available for free as a PDF download.

I technically miss the official Millennial status by nine months, but I consider myself more ideologically aligned with this generation than the one a little older than me.  As I watched the video the following quotes resonated with my political thoughts.

“For the past 40 years the political and social agenda has been set by our parents – the Baby Boomers, who were the largest generation in America.  Not any more.  A new generation is coming to power.  They call us the Millennials, but you can call us Generation WE.”

“We are more globally oriented, we’re more ethnically diverse, we’re more technically adept, better educated, less politically partisan, and we’re the first generation in American history to inherit a nation in decline.”

“Our educational system is failing.”

“Our life span is expected to be less than our parents.”

“We must end the perception that America is an arrogant and greedy nation.”

“We must vote.”

Tuesday is Election Day.  As you head out to the polls in record numbers I want you to think about my generation.  What are you doing for us?  We are the future and yet we’ve been strapped with tons of obstacles.  Are you voting for someone who understands this change and will lead us forward?  Or are you voting for candidates and issues that will take us back in time to a place that feels safe, but no longer exists?


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