TEDxNYed: Jeff Jarvis


If you have not seen this video, the title alone makes it worth watching.


However, if you are like me and sometimes a 16 minute video can seem like too much of a commitment (BTW, I feel the same way about retrieving voicemail), then skim the transcript by clicking here.  I posted the first few paragraphs below to give you a sense of how it starts…

“This is bullshit.

Why should you be sitting there listening to me? To paraphrase Dan Gillmor, you know more than I do. Will Richardson should be up here instead of me. And to paraphrase Jay Rosen, you should be the people formerly known as the audience.

But right now, you’re the audience and I’m lecturing.

That’s bullshit.

What does this remind of us of? The classroom, of course, and the entire structure of an educational system built for the industrial age, turning out students all the same, convincing them that there is one right answer — and that answer springs from the lecturn. If they veer from it they’re wrong; they fail.”

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