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CUE13 Workshop Resources

It’s bright and early, the car is gassed up, and it’s mid-March – must be time for the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs. This year I am excited to be taking two smart colleagues from Natomas Charter with me – Jeanne Feeney (@MamaFeenz) and  Josh Landry (@JLandryPix).  So, if you see one of us […]

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Models of Blended Learning

In honor of Digital Learning Day, Sal Khan from Khan Academy has created a video defining blended learning from his perspective.  His model has three broad categories which I did my best to define in a sentence or two.  However, his video is worth watching to think about how aspects of blended learning can be used to […]

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Hulu for the Bob Ross Set

If the title of this post caught your eye, then you’re probably a bit of a PBS nerd like me.  Remember the good old days of Bob Ross?  I always thought he was a bit strange, but even from an early age I remember being mesmerized by what he could do with a little bit […]

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