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[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhY5k_5WPCA] Let me start this post by saying I am pretty sure this is just another example of when I am the last one to show up at a party. However, I have never heard anyone talk about this song, so perhaps I didn’t miss anything yet. A few weeks ago we started a new […]

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40 Years Ago Today…

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmNQ5VgFAfc] This morning started my Sacramento to Modesto commute. I don’t know how long-term commuters do it. There are only so many podcasts and NPR stories I can listen to until my ADHD kicks in. Fortunately, only 71 more days to go. On my drive down this morning I heard on NPR that 40 years […]

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An Interesting Morning

Yesterday was one of those mornings where you and your students learn a lot from each other. As I have mentioned in previous posts my students and I have been discussing the current Presidential Race during the eleven minute Advisory period we have each day. Their level of interest in this topic has been quite […]

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21st Century Literacy

Moodle? Blogs? Wikis? Podcasts? What are you talking about? These are questions I hear quiet often from my community of educators. As I work on my resume for next school year and try to describe what I have been doing in my classroom I hesitate adding those words because I’m afraid many educators aren’t sure […]

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Super Duper Tuesday

In celebration of Super Duper Tuesday (when those of us in California and 22 other states get to vote in the Presidential Primary) we had a small mock election at the end of each period. Since none of my students are registered to vote, they couldn’t really vote only for candidates in their political party. […]

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Blogging Goes Mainstream…Even in Modesto

I woke up this morning and saw this advertisement in our local paper, the Modesto Bee. Apparently, blogging has gone so mainstream that even our local paper (not always known for being tech savvy) is hosting a class for readers on how to blog. I find this very interesting. I have always thought that the […]

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