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A Week at NECC09

Well, I’m back home and rested up from an exciting week in Washington DC at NECC09. It was an interesting experience that in many ways I am still trying to process. The last time I attended NECC was in 2006 when the conference was held in San Diego. I have to say that I wasn’t […]

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Twitter’s Spectacular Growth Driven by Unexpected Uses

I stumbled across the above video this morning while searching for resources for by strategic action team. Whether you’ve never used Twitter before or if you’re an avid Tweet-sender this TED talk has something for everyone. I also think its a great example of the power in following a hunch and how Web 2.0 tools […]

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Wild About a Wiki Periodic Table

Another year…another wiki.  Last year my students constructed a wiki textbook along with a wiki glossary.  The year before we used the Moodle wiki as work spaces for a roller coaster project.  This year we’re using wikis again and adding a new collaboration – a Wiki Periodic Table. I love using wikis in the classroom […]

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How the Web Transformed this Year’s Election

As I mentioned earlier this week I chose to take in Tuesday’s historic election returns “web 2.0 style.” Its taken me a few days to cobble my thoughts together, but this morning I wanted to share a short synopsis.  Tuesday night I truly observed some amazing things and with the passage of Prop 8 in […]

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Top 5 Tools to Beat Election News Coverage

Like many of you I will be plopping down in front of the television tomorrow night to watch election coverage.  But you can bet that my top 5 websites, or web 2.0 tools, will be the place to find out what’s happening BEFORE the traditional news outlets. And, after eight long years of the current […]

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The Way Things Should Be

As anyone who has ever stumbled past my “Joe Who” page knows, a few years ago I switched school districts and unknowingly entered the realm of education technology when part of an EETT grant fell into my lap.  “High tech” at my previous school consisted of the personal laptop I brought to school and secretly […]

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Twitter & Chino Hills Earthquake

At the moment I am working on presentation for tomorrow and I stumbled across this great graph aptly showing that I was definitely not alone while tweeting about the earthquake and watching the Twitterverse. The LA Times Technology Blog had a great post yesterday, SoCal earthquake has everyone a-Twitter, describing how earthquake reports spread through […]

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