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Twitter’s Spectacular Growth Driven by Unexpected Uses

I stumbled across the above video this morning while searching for resources for by strategic action team. Whether you’ve never used Twitter before or if you’re an avid Tweet-sender this TED talk has something for everyone. I also think its a great example of the power in following a hunch and how Web 2.0 tools […]

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War on Wisdom

[youtube:”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA-zdh_bQBo”] Take a moment to watch Barry Schwartz: The real crisis? We stopped being wise.  Using the examples of the current financial crisis and education Barry describes how rules and incentives undermine wisdom.  Here a few of my favorite quotes to get you intrigued. “Rules and incentives may make things better in the short run […]

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TED Talks News Media

This has to be one of the most disturbing TED videos I have ever seen. It angers me to think that so many of us watch, listen, or read the news and think we know what is going on, when in reality we really have no clue. Everything is brought to us through a filter […]

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