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The Socially Networked Classroom

This evening I had the opportunity to start a great and timely new book.  Last month I ordered a copy of The Socially Networked Classroom – Teaching in the New Media Age by William Kist after seeing it on my Amazon Recommends List.  For a couple of weeks its been sitting on the book shelf […]

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Social Networking Replaces Email

Earlier this school year I had a student tell me, “You know Mr. Wood only old people use email.” At 31 I don’t feel that old, but it does highlight the fact that students and adults use technology to communicate in very different ways. My student’s statement also illustrates that online use is dynamically changing […]

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Twitter’s Spectacular Growth Driven by Unexpected Uses

I stumbled across the above video this morning while searching for resources for by strategic action team. Whether you’ve never used Twitter before or if you’re an avid Tweet-sender this TED talk has something for everyone. I also think its a great example of the power in following a hunch and how Web 2.0 tools […]

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