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Flipping Your Classroom with Online Tools

The past couple of months I have been conducting a little thinking and learning around online learning. This topic has popped up as a possible solution to meet a diverse array of needs including credit recovery, distance learning, independent study, and making better use of classroom time. While the first three tend to be the […]

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MythBusters – The President’s Challenge

If you listen to NPR, then you heard Monday’s Talk of the Nation staring Adam & Jamie from MythBusters.  As I ran between school sites I listened to the story on the news and was reminded to set my DVR for tonight’s episode of MythBusters.  As part of his efforts to promote math and science […]

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Lessons Learned at Apple Training

Last Thursday and Friday I had  wonderful opportunity to attend Apple Training.  Typically this type of training has involved learning about iLife or iWork. This time however, we spent two days discussing how to effectively infuse curriculum with technology.  I’m still digesting much of what I learned from the instructor, as well as through the […]

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Can You Find the Forces?

As I’ve mentioned in past weeks I’m trying to refocus technology usage in my classroom so that its simple and seamless. I want to move away from the mindset that students can only use technology to produce large projects. At a 1:1 school I feel technology should be used everyday for even the most basic […]

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