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Vocabucasting – Session 1

Its 8:30 and I’m at my first ILC08 session, Vocabucasting – Podcasting with Vocabulary Development.  In my very own science class I am always looking for ways to develop scientific vocabulary using technology.  As a matter of fact, this week my classes are working on creating Motion Vocabulary enhanced podcasts.  To get an idea of […]

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Audacity Refresher

Over the summer I have taught a few fellow teachers how to podcast using Audacity. I know a few of you are readers of my blog and this post is for you. If you are anything like me, you probably won’t even touch Audacity again until a week or two before school starts. If you […]

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Podcasts & Podcasting

One of my big projects for this summer is learning how to podcast. “What is a podcast,” you may wonder? I am personally very new to this technology, but I would think of a podcast as basically a radio broadcast, but over the computer. One of the nice features of a podcast is that you […]

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