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Online Learning – The Latest Panacea?

Every other month a group of instructional technology educators from throughout our county join together for two hours of lunch and collaboration.  This group, sponsored by our local cable consortium, originally met to discuss the televised educational video content each district provided.  However, in the past few years are conversations have grown beyond that topic to include […]

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Flipping Your Classroom with Online Tools

The past couple of months I have been conducting a little thinking and learning around online learning. This topic has popped up as a possible solution to meet a diverse array of needs including credit recovery, distance learning, independent study, and making better use of classroom time. While the first three tend to be the […]

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Learning by getting naked

You’ll either find this fascinating, or you’ll be creeped out by it.  Either way, it’s worth posting because it’s another free technology tool to use for education purposes. You’re getting “virtually” naked. It’s called “Visible Body” and it’s marketed as “…the best human anatomy visualization tool available today.” Here’s some of the features: Complete, fully interactive, […]

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FREE Rockstar Teachers Online

Are you are “rockstar teacher?”  Would you like to be taught by a rockstar teacher?  These were some of the questions posed by Chris Walsh at the beginning of Day 1 of the CLMS Technology Conference last weekend as he introduced his new endeavor, Brightstorm.  This product connects high school students with some of the […]

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The Networked Student

[youtube:”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwM4ieFOotA”] While digging though a backlog of unread blog posts in Google Reader I stumbled across this video.  Last weekend two big topics of the CLMS Technology Conference were online learning and personal learning networks, so the timing of this discovery is quite apropos for me.  What are we doing to create learning opportunities for […]

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Today via Techlearning I stumbled across HippoCampus. I may very well be the last person on the planet to hear about it, but it was so good I had to create a post. This fantastic, free website is a product of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education and contains a collection of multimedia tutorials […]

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