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Hulu for the Bob Ross Set

If the title of this post caught your eye, then you’re probably a bit of a PBS nerd like me.  Remember the good old days of Bob Ross?  I always thought he was a bit strange, but even from an early age I remember being mesmerized by what he could do with a little bit […]

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The Secret of Glogster

“Glogster?  What’s that?”  A few months ago that was my reaction when John Patten mentioned the online poster creation site, Glogster.  After a Saturday of playing, I’ve become a huge fan! Glogster is a bit tough to describe. I guess you could characterize it as an online interactive poster website thingy. Think of it as […]

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Tracking Ants

A few months ago NOVA aired and episode called Lord of the Ants (there’s a link to buy a copy below).  It was fascinating!  You might be thinking, “Yeah right…fascinating and ants?  Those two words don’t go together.”  Well, I agree that program all about ants doesn’t sound that interesting at first, but it really […]

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NOVA – Saved by the Sun

As all of my regular readers know I recently moved to Sacramento. During our house search we found that one of the new and extremely popular features offered in many new home communities in the Sacramento region is photo voltaic cells. These devices are integrated into the roof and produce electricity using solar energy. While […]

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