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The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book – Summer Read

As we prepared for this week’s ActivInspire Summer Institute one of my team’s goals was to start developing a common language of multimedia instruction by to reviewing current literature and the work of our Promethean action research group.  My team and I took a look at books from various authors including: Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer […]

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Multimedia Learning with Jon Leister

Free TV Show from Ustream As I mentioned yesterday, this week my team and I are working with a group of teachers at the ActivInspire Summer Institute.  This afternoon my colleague, Jon, is delivering a workshop on effective multimedia instruction.  We’re Ustreaming the session if you’re interested in checking it out.  Later on I will […]

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ActivInspire Summer Institute

One of the projects my team and I have been working during this Summer of Learning is the ActivInspire Summer Institute.  Currently, we have around 600 Promethean Interactive Whiteboards in the district.  Last year Promethean released the newest version of their software, ActivInspire.  Since the switch from ActivStudio (the previous version) to ActivInspire is a […]

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