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Snowing in Sacramento

I wish fall would just hurry up and get here!  I’m spending another October Sunday in summer clothes as its supposed to be 85 degrees in Sacramento.  As a California native, I’m one of those strange people (according to all my Midwestern and New England friends) who has never lived in a place where it […]

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Free Rice Grows!

I’m sitting in the convention center lobby waiting to start my presentation in another thirty minutes or so.  While, I’m waiting I’ve been catching up on my Google Reader account.  As I dug through my unread items I found a post from Burt Lo all about Free Rice.  I’ve played this vocabulary building game in […]

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Today via Techlearning I stumbled across HippoCampus. I may very well be the last person on the planet to hear about it, but it was so good I had to create a post. This fantastic, free website is a product of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education and contains a collection of multimedia tutorials […]

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