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What Affects Your Students Ability to Learn?

Tonight on the way home, as I sat in traffic and reflected on the day, I had a simple yet profound epiphany about students and 1:1 computing. Before I share it with you, let me give a little background.  My current school is a 1:1 Macbook environment.  All of the students have their own computers […]

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No Widgets for You!

So I promised to post more interesting 1:1 tidbits and stories as they popped up.  By the end of last week, two more had appeared.  Here’s one related to the dashboard. When student accounts were created this summer at school students were locked out of certain areas of the Apple OSX operating system for their […]

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Three Weeks of 1:1 Computing

Yeah, I know its been a while since I’ve posted, but if you read my last post then you’ll completely understand why.  The last three weeks have been quite hectic at school.  We rolled out our Apple 1:1 program and let’s just say I’ve had to throw out my lesson plans more than once, but […]

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Rolling Out 1:1

Its Sunday afternoon of Labor Day weekend and I can’t wait until Tuesday when we head back to school.  I know this is the FIRST time this has ever happened to me!  Normally, I’m sadden to see the official end of summer. You might be wondering why I am so excited.  Well, on Tuesday morning […]

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Like Fish to Water

This summer I’m teaching three weeks of summer school at my new school with my buddy Paul.  During my portion of the class we’re focusing on blogging (and as I quickly found out reviewing how to properly log on to the computer too).  Due to some server issues and getting the laptops set up for […]

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Back from the Dead and in Heaven

Last time I posted was TWO WEEKS AGO! I can’t believe it, but then again I had to take some time off from blogging and even keeping up with my Bloglines account. Yesterday I took a peek at my Bloglines page and I had 972 items to read! Naturally, I just clicked “Mark All Read” […]

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