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CUE Rock Star Lake Tahoe

Over the next few days I will be leading workshops with other brilliant educators at CUE Rock Star Lake Tahoe.  If you are not familiar with Rock Star, these are small teacher technology camps with 10:1 ratio between participants and facilitators.  Over three days the teachers build community around the use of instructional technology tools. […]

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Create Comics with the iPhone!

Today is the final day of the EETT Summer Institute and we have the luxury of learning about Comic Life from our very own Comic Life Master – Linda Giguere. If you have never used Comic Life think about checking out the manufacturer’s website. You can download a free 30 day trial and the pricing […]

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Oregon Trail for the iPhone

[youtube:”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkKewAPv6wo”] My first foray into educational technology was in 4th grade when we went to the brand new Apple IIe computer lab to play Oregon Trail.  I loved this game, but never quite figured out whether it was better float my wagon across the river or just pull it across.  Well, now I can continue […]

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Twitter Connectedness

Here’s today’s proof that Twitter connects people. During the early morning melee of iPhone users attempting to upgrade to iPhone2.0 the Twitterverse was alive and well with users quickly finding their beautiful, yet overpriced pieces of early 21st century technology (I’m an owner – I can say this) being converted into iBricks. I’m giving credit […]

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iPhone Update

This is primarily for Burt, John, and Terry… So Steve Jobs announced today, among other things, that the price of the 8GB iPhone dropped $200 from $599 to $399. Of course this is $100 less than I paid for my 4GB model a little over a week ago. Thanks to Apple’s 14 day return policy […]

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Well, I did it. Today I joined iPhone mania. I have only had it out of the box for about an hour, but so far I love it. I am having to learn to type using its keypad because my fingers are too big for it. The buttons seemed designed for a small child. However, […]

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