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Digital Literacy & Common Core

Earlier this week I happened to overhear a conversation about digital literacy and the Common Core.  The person asking the question was curious what exactly the Common Core Standards said about digital literacy.  As I listened to the conversation unfold I found a group of smart, passionate educators focusing all of their attention on access […]

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Getting to Know iBooks Author

Over the extended weekend I had an opportunity to get to know iBooks Author a little bit better. You might be thinking to yourself, “iBooks Author??” A few weeks ago when Apple made their big textbook announcement, they also released a free tool for Macs running the latest operating system (OSX Lion) that allows users […]

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Models of Blended Learning

In honor of Digital Learning Day, Sal Khan from Khan Academy has created a video defining blended learning from his perspective.  His model has three broad categories which I did my best to define in a sentence or two.  However, his video is worth watching to think about how aspects of blended learning can be used to […]

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iPad Interactive Whiteboard

Over the past few months I have read via Facebook and email stories of teachers who were quite adept with their interactive whiteboard being moved through layoffs to schools where they no longer had this equipment.  Mainily for financial reasons, these techers will likely not have a replacement board at least for the next few years.  However, […]

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Update: Can I Trade the iPads for Chromebooks

As many of you know, back in November I wrote a post about the simultaneous implementation of Chromebooks and iPads at one of our school sites.  Just as I mentioned in that post, there was never an intent for a comparison to develop between these two tools.  In my district we recognize that one size does not fit all and provide opportunities for […]

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Choosing the Right Tool Part 3 – Chromebooks

I started this collection of posts not because I think there is one perfect tool as much as I believe many educators aren’t sure how different devices can be effectively used for instruction.  Only a few years ago schools really didn’t have any technology options under $1000 to consider.  However, with the proliferation of netbooks, iPads, and […]

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