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Ali Forey – News 10 Teacher of the Month

Quite often I get asked questions like, “What exactly does an instructional technologist do?” “Why should teachers be using technology in their classroom?”  “How can interactive whiteboards be used for student learning?”  A student in our district nominated her math teacher for News10 Teacher of the Month.  I’m fortunate enough to know this student (along […]

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Choose the Classroom of the Future

Since starting my new job one of my projects has been working on the redesign of one of our high schools.  This high school is over a century old and is receiving modernization bond money.  While modernizing the facilities, the school is also refocusing its curriculum and instructional goals to meet the needs of 21st […]

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It Works! It Works! It Works!

Thanks to John’s fantastic help my $50 interactive whiteboard is up and running. The Ghetto Dell is all fixed and even has a few new updates. Apparently the re-installation CD for the Dell doesn’t include all of the features it actually needs – like Bluetooth drivers. Why? I have no idea…its bizarre to me. Man, […]

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DIY Interactive Whiteboard Update

I have been waiting to show off my DIY Interactive Whiteboard, but I’ve had one small problem.  The Bluetooth on my Ghetto Dell (yes, that’s its official name) is having problems.  Today I’m picking it up from the district office and hopefully its Bluetooth dilemma has been fixed and I can start using my new […]

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Two Updates

1. John, my technology director, read all about making your own interactive white board this weekend and got to work. Here is a VoiceThread he made all about it. The first time I saw the picture I thought it was a pipe bomb someone left at a school. Tomorrow I will have to make a […]

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Interactive Whiteboard for Only $99

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s5EvhHy7eQ] This weekend I read on a few different blogs that you can now make your own interactive whiteboard for about $99. Considering that SMARTboards runs a few thousand dollars more this is quite a savings. What I personally love is the engineer who figured this out, Johnny Chung Lee, has shared the program he […]

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