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Create Your Own YouTube with PHP Motion

One of the best parts of attending technology conferences is the conversations you get to have with other participants.  At ILC08 I ran into colleagues from all over the state and gleaned quite a few good ideas.  During one of the sessions I posted this week my old tech director, John Patten, attended a session […]

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Gary Stager & the Close of ILC 08

Well, I am home and my bags are unpacked.  Before I hit the sheets and rest up for a Friday with the kiddies I thought I would take a moment to write about my final ILC08 session. To conclude my three days of San Jose-based professional development I attended Gary Stager’s Ten Things to Do […]

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Choosing Technology Wisely – ILC08

Bam!  At 5:30 this morning my eyes were open and I was ready to roll!  After checking out of the hotel, grabbing some coffee, and Moodling the kids at school I was able to attend Antwon Lincoln’s early morning session on Technology Implementation.  I’ve had the luxury of reading his book, Confessions of a Technology […]

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Wisdom of the Mob – Session 7

The mere title of this session piqued my interest.  I currently have Clay Shirkey’s Here Comes Everybody and James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds on my Amazon to-be-read-soon list, so this session should be a good fit.  Web 2.0 tools including YouTube, Second Life, blogging, podcasting, and social bookmarking are quickly changing the American global […]

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Wikify Education – Session 6

I’m at my first session this morning, Wikify Education.  The presenters, Jennifer Fano and Debbie Iosso, are administrators from Randolph, New Jersey so I am looking forward to a new perspective on using wikis in the classroom.  Last year I used them a little as my students created an online textbook and glossary last year.  […]

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The Rest of Yesterday

My lack of posts after Session 3 makes it look like I didn’t go to anything in the afternoon.  No, I wasn’t sitting by the pool!  I actually hit a few different things, but I seemed to pick all of the wrong sessions.  Nothing really wet palette.  However, there was one thing that had me […]

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Del.icio.us in the Classroom – Session 2

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x66lV7GOcNU] I’m sitting in Session 2 at ILC where I am learning about using Del.icio.us in the classroom with my students from Lee Kolbert.  To get an idea of what del.icio.us is, take a look at the Common Craft Video above, Social Bookmarking in Plain English.  Its a great overview. I’ve been using Del.icio.us to […]

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