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Sitting in Front of the Fire Hose of Knowledge

Did you feel that? I think times just changed again… More and more our students future citizens are sitting in front of a fire hose of knowledge. Who is helping them figure out what to do with it? As another example of the need to teach students 21st Century Skills, such as information literacy, two […]

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Google Tips & Tricks at CUE

Imust say CUE was a phenomenal conference, but if I’ve learning anything this week its that when you present three times you miss out on a whole bunch of great sessions.   Fortunately, yesterday morning I had the opportunity to attend a session on Google tips and tricks presented by Mark Wagner with two colleagues. […]

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Connecting via Google

Do you ever have random thoughts when you wake up in the middle of the night? In my case my random thoughts tend to be sort of a running to-do list. After being influenced by watching Barack Obama in Berlin and getting a few Facebook requests from long-time friends yesterday, this morning at about 3am […]

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