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CUE Rock Star Lake Tahoe

Over the next few days I will be leading workshops with other brilliant educators at CUE Rock Star Lake Tahoe.  If you are not familiar with Rock Star, these are small teacher technology camps with 10:1 ratio between participants and facilitators.  Over three days the teachers build community around the use of instructional technology tools. […]

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Track Santa Tonight – 2010!

According to Google Analytics, one of the most popular posts on JoeWoodOnline, especially this time of year, is one from almost three years ago tomorrow.  Track Santa Tonight detailed back in 2007 how your family could track Santa’s arrival using Google Earth and NORAD. “Santa Tracker is up and running now that Santa is out […]

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Rumsey Historical Maps

As a former social studies student who would stare at the maps on the wall rather than listen to the teacher I have always found historical maps to be extremely interesting – especially when they are compared to modern maps. On an antique map I would always try to find the location of something I […]

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Solar System Resources

Today we started what feels like the annual whirl-wind astronomy lessons. With the CST/STAR testing 100% of the information 80% of the way through the year, some of the fun stuff unfortunately seems to get a little condensed. Space is just one of the areas where I wish we could spend a little more time! […]

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Google Earth (& Maps) in the Clasroom

Thursday afternoon right about now I will be getting ready to teach one of my favorite professional development classes (right next to blogging and wikis) for CTAP6 – Google Earth in the Classroom. Yippee! This time around I am also including some information about Google Maps as well. It will be my first time teaching […]

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21 Steps – Google Maps to Tell a Story

I saw this post last night on Google Maps Mania and I thought it was very cool! Penguin Books is working with six authors to create digital stories influenced by six classics in a series called We Tell Stories. So far only the first story, The 21 Steps, has been published on their site. It […]

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Google Earth (and Maps) Gems

Today I actually had a few minutes during SSR (silent sustained reading for the non-educators) to actually read. Kind of strange I know, but normally I am playing catch up with these precious 17 minutes. During SSR I decided to see how far I had fallen behind of my all of my online reading (it […]

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