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Rumsey Historical Maps

As a former social studies student who would stare at the maps on the wall rather than listen to the teacher I have always found historical maps to be extremely interesting – especially when they are compared to modern maps. On an antique map I would always try to find the location of something I […]

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Solar System Resources

Today we started what feels like the annual whirl-wind astronomy lessons. With the CST/STAR testing 100% of the information 80% of the way through the year, some of the fun stuff unfortunately seems to get a little condensed. Space is just one of the areas where I wish we could spend a little more time! […]

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Google Earth 4.3 Update

Tonight Google Earth Blog, part my personal learning network , notified readers that there was a major Google Earth Update. Take a look at the video below posted by Frank Taylor at Google Earth Blog for a quick tour of some of the new features. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4LfKcn3WxE&fmt=18] Its definitely worth the download. I love the sunlight […]

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KPBS Uses Google Maps & Twitter.

The other night while watching the coverage of fires in the Southern California I stumbled across this Google Mind Map created by the NPR station in San Diego. Its absolutely fascinating and a great way to spread vital information. At the time I thought this map was pretty much another status quo project created by […]

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