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Connecting Students with a Social Network

Well I’m not sure if it was official, but one of the overriding themes at the CUE conference seemed to be social networking.  Just looking over the conference program I can find at least a dozen listings for the words “social network,” a probably a few dozen other terms related to social networking, such as […]

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Top 5 Tools to Beat Election News Coverage

Like many of you I will be plopping down in front of the television tomorrow night to watch election coverage.  But you can bet that my top 5 websites, or web 2.0 tools, will be the place to find out what’s happening BEFORE the traditional news outlets. And, after eight long years of the current […]

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The Way Things Should Be

As anyone who has ever stumbled past my “Joe Who” page knows, a few years ago I switched school districts and unknowingly entered the realm of education technology when part of an EETT grant fell into my lap.  “High tech” at my previous school consisted of the personal laptop I brought to school and secretly […]

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