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How the Web Transformed this Year’s Election

As I mentioned earlier this week I chose to take in Tuesday’s historic election returns “web 2.0 style.” Its taken me a few days to cobble my thoughts together, but this morning I wanted to share a short synopsis.  Tuesday night I truly observed some amazing things and with the passage of Prop 8 in […]

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Meeting Our New President

As I mentioned in my post yesterday evening, I plan watching tonight’s election returns web 2.0 style. To be completely honest, I’m so giddy with excitement that I have already started!  While I’m checking out the television, TwitterSearch, Facebook, and YouTube along with the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle I plan on […]

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Top 5 Tools to Beat Election News Coverage

Like many of you I will be plopping down in front of the television tomorrow night to watch election coverage.  But you can bet that my top 5 websites, or web 2.0 tools, will be the place to find out what’s happening BEFORE the traditional news outlets. And, after eight long years of the current […]

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Quickly Expose Where the Money Goes

As you’ve seen in previous posts here, the Internet is truly transforming the election process in this country.  There’s another new twist in the web 2.0 revolution taking over politics.  In California we have a very contentious proposition on the ballot, Prop 8.  In June the California Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the […]

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Picking a President

This Monday is the last day to register to vote in California.  I repeat, it is the LAST day to register to vote!  If you are 18 or over, living in California, and still haven’t registered to vote please click THIS LINK! Honestly, I don’t mind you leaving my blog for a little voter registration.  […]

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