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Teamwork & Southwest Airlines

As I was hunting around on the web this morning I stumble across the Southwest Airlines Flickr Pool through one of my favorite bloggers, Wesley Fryer. For those of you who aren’t currently Flickr users (hang around me long enough and you’ll start using it – here are some reasons why), the way a pool […]

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Wild About a Wiki Periodic Table

Another year…another wiki.  Last year my students constructed a wiki textbook along with a wiki glossary.  The year before we used the Moodle wiki as work spaces for a roller coaster project.  This year we’re using wikis again and adding a new collaboration – a Wiki Periodic Table. I love using wikis in the classroom […]

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Getting Kids Thinking: Podcast Episode 7

Over the weekend Burt and I recorded Episode 7 of the EdTechClassroom Podcast.  This one is all about collaborative projects for your students to help them become 21st Century critical thinkers.  In spite of what nearly every staff meeting seems to unofficially say, all of us know there is more to teaching than raising multiple choice test […]

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