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Update: Can I Trade the iPads for Chromebooks

As many of you know, back in November I wrote a post about the simultaneous implementation of Chromebooks and iPads at one of our school sites.  Just as I mentioned in that post, there was never an intent for a comparison to develop between these two tools.  In my district we recognize that one size does not fit all and provide opportunities for […]

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Choosing the Right Tool Part 3 – Chromebooks

I started this collection of posts not because I think there is one perfect tool as much as I believe many educators aren’t sure how different devices can be effectively used for instruction.  Only a few years ago schools really didn’t have any technology options under $1000 to consider.  However, with the proliferation of netbooks, iPads, and […]

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Can I Trade the iPads for Chromebooks?

UPDATE (3/18/12): In conjunction with this post please also read the second part of the story which I wrote about two months after creating this post, along with the third part of the story.  The text you see here was originally crafted in November of 2011 which was a lifetime ago in terms of iPad and Chromebook […]

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