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Elementary Google Apps EDU

Back in December I wrote about our Google Apps EDU rollout with elementary students. As I mentioned in that post Iwas initially bit unsure as to how much these kids really needed Google Accounts  and wondered if they could even remember their passwords. However, as I wrote the kids really surprised me and I found […]

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Survey Says!

For the past seven years I have been surveying my students about their level of technology access at home.  Initially, my data just reflected the students in my classroom.  However, as I have moved to a district-level position I have helped teachers survey their own students.  Earlier this year, teachers from our Digital Writing and […]

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Online Learning – The Latest Panacea?

Every other month a group of instructional technology educators from throughout our county join together for two hours of lunch and collaboration.  This group, sponsored by our local cable consortium, originally met to discuss the televised educational video content each district provided.  However, in the past few years are conversations have grown beyond that topic to include […]

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