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ASCD Top 5 List – #1, 2, & 3

It just dawned on me that I haven’t been posting the rest of my ASCD reflections. Whoops!  Well, without further wait I’m posting my final three here.  Time to move on.  Joe 1. Community-Based Schools Reflecting on Geoffrey Canada’s presentation on the Harlem Children’s Zone at ASCD I am convinced that we are not involving […]

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ASCD Top 5 List – #4

Implementing 21st Century Skills/Competencies Continuing my ASCD Top 5 List from yesterday is #4 – Implementing 21st Century Skills.  Ever since implementing our district strategic plan “21st Century Skills” has been an on-going conversation in our district.  We’re using multiple resources including Wagner’s The Global Achievement Gap, Costa’s Habits of Mind, and Resnick’s Accountable Talk […]

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ASCD Top 5 List – #5

Today I was tasked with submitting a “short list of the key findings or suggestions” I developed as a result of attending ASCD.  At the moment I have 21 pages of notes from the conference.  By far, it was one of the most amazing conferences I have ever attended and I am elated it will […]

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Book of the Week – Brain Based Teaching in the Digital Age

Happy Friday!  With the end of a crazy week full of meetings and software training (in my case ASCD, technology hardware standards and Promethean ActivInspire training) I thought it might be time for a Book of the Week post.  On Monday morning at ASCD in San Antonio I had the opportunity to attend Marilee Sprenger’s […]

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ASCD – Geoffrey Canada

Watch CBS News Videos Online On Saturday at ASCD, Geoffrey Canada was the keynote speaker during the general session.  The theme of his presentation was “Educating the Whole Child” and through this lens he explained his organization, the Harlem Children’s Zone.  The Harlem Children’s Zone consists of a 97-block area in New York City’s Harlem […]

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ASCD – Yong Zhao

My first session at Yong Zhao started bright and early 8am on Saturday.  Keep in mind this was 6am Pacific, so I wasn’t sure my brain was going to fire on all cylinders.  Fortunately, there was a Starbucks in the lobby of my hotel with a short line!  I was really excited to hear Zhao […]

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ASCD – San Antonio

This year in light of drastic budget cuts and state funding shortages I feel very lucky to be able to attend the ASCD Conference in San Antonio.  A colleague of mine, describing her strategy for selecting sessions, referred to ASCD as “all gurus all the time” and she was right!  So far the conference has […]

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