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Friday Inspiration

Two items from my Google Reader account popped into my mind as I took an early morning shower.  Both of these have me inspired and thinking this morning and I thought you might like to check them out too.  First of all, through The Thinking Stick I was led to a great Ignite Philly video […]

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Even Principals Have Blogs

This morning I discovered Scott McLeod’s post SETDA – Empowering Administrators with Professional Development. A quick scan of his presentation led me to the CASTLE website where I found a collection of administrator-related blogs. The links are found on the left side of the page. As a teacher I had never stumbled across these before. […]

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Turning Adminstrators into Moodlers

A little over a week ago I read this post on the Infinite Thinking Machine about using Moodle for professional development. In my district we just started our third year of using Moodle with students, but the thought of administrators using it with teachers never really crossed my mind. About half way through the Infinite […]

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