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Students Speak on Digital Learning Day

Tomorrow is the first annual Digital Learning Day sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education.  Numerous national, state, and local organizations have joined to celebrate this day of 21st Century learning through a variety of events across the country.  Should you be in the Sacramento area tomorrow afternoon and evening, consider stopping by the Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn.  From […]

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Reflecting on Writing Project

It’s kind of funny to think that I have spent the past four weeks attending Area 3 Writing Project’s Summer Invitational, yet I haven’t blogged at all during that time!  Believe me, though, I was writing…constantly.  If you ever have the opportunity to join your local National Writing Project affiliate, do it!  As a matter […]

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Creating Our Writing Community – A3WP Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Area 3 Writing Project Summer Invitational and we focused on developing a writing community.  As I mentioned in an earlier post the morning started off with artifact sharing.  This activity allowed every person to share amazingly personal and passionate stories that led to our first moment of sacred […]

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The Intellectual Writing Vacation Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation and the first day of the Invitational Summer Institute at Area 3 Writing Project.  Back in February, I applied to join the Summer Invitational based on the recommendations of friends who had participated during previous summers.  My friend Brian, a Great Valley Writing Project graduate and phenomenal […]

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Summer of Learning

Wow!  Has it really been two months since I last wrote?!?  My how time flies. I also noticed I’ve recently received quite a few comments that somehow got stuck in the WordPress spam filter. Well, since it’s the third Friday in June that can only mean one thing – the first week of summer vacation […]

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Cultivating Creative Writers

As I mentioned yesterday I finished reading Rewired over the weekend and I made quite a few connections throughout the book.  One of these relates directly to a project I will be starting in a few weeks – the Area 3 Writing Project Summer Invitational Institute.  In Rewired, Rosen discusses how much the iGeneration likes […]

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