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iGeneration – Creative Publishers

With the implementation of our district strategic plan last year, I’ve found myself leading quite a few workshops on 21st century skills and related book studies for Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap.  Many of these workshops have started with a picture of a four year-old.  This four-year old is wearing headphones and an iPod Touch.  I […]

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LIVE EVENT: Sharing Stories with Google Earth

Live Videos by Ustream Sharing Stories with Google Earth: Joe will be live at 2pm (PST) today from the CUE 2010 Conference in Palm Springs. CUE Conference Information UPDATE (3pm PST) – Unfortunately, the conference center where Joe’s presenting doesn’t allow Ustream.tv access.  Go figure.  So Joe recorded the presentation and will be uploading it.  […]

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21st Century Writing

Writing in the 21st Century has been a hot topic at work the past few weeks.  Trying to explain how writing has changed to colleagues who haven’t quite figured out the difference between a blog and a wiki or how either of these is different than Microsoft Word is a bit challenging.  That’s why I […]

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Social Networking Replaces Email

Earlier this school year I had a student tell me, “You know Mr. Wood only old people use email.” At 31 I don’t feel that old, but it does highlight the fact that students and adults use technology to communicate in very different ways. My student’s statement also illustrates that online use is dynamically changing […]

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