Super Duper Tuesday


In celebration of Super Duper Tuesday (when those of us in California and 22 other states get to vote in the Presidential Primary) we had a small mock election at the end of each period. Since none of my students are registered to vote, they couldn’t really vote only for candidates in their political party. As a result, everyone had the chance to vote for one candidate. Here are our results.

Super Duper Results

A couple of things surprised me. First of all, Obama was clearly the most popular candidate. While I live in California, I live in a pretty conservative part of the state. I had assumed that one of the Republican candidates might do better with my students. However, I found out that many of them have been paying attention to the race (since we have talked about it in class a little) and have decided that Obama represents their ideals the best. A few of them even told me that they had signed up for profiles on Obama’s My.BarackObama website. The second thing that kind of surprised me is how informed many of my students are. I was impressed to hear that many of them had been watching the debates and they had a better knowledge of who had endorsed whom. Regardless of who they support that was great to hear! An informed electorate is the best thing we can ask for. Too bad my students are only 14. :-)


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