Summer of Learning


Wow!  Has it really been two months since I last wrote?!?  My how time flies. I also noticed I’ve recently received quite a few comments that somehow got stuck in the WordPress spam filter.

Well, since it’s the third Friday in June that can only mean one thing – the first week of summer vacation is over! Then again I’m working all summer, so I guess that doesn’t really matter.  This will be the first summer I have worked the entire time without a large chunk of down time.  It’s a little strange and now I really understand how much I cherished that time off – not because (contrary to popular belief) I sat on the couch all summer catching up on trash TV.  I love summer vacation because it is a time to refresh, renew, and recharge my brain.  Its my time of inquiry and exploration.  Therefore in spite of the fact I’m working, I am determined to make this a summer of learning and I have a few items on the agenda so far:

  • Area 3 Writing Project Summer Invitational
  • Area 3 Writing Project LSRI Grant Work – the topic is digital writing, so stay tuned
  • Reading – lots and lots of it – my summer stack is growing.
  • iPad Exploration – I finally caved and my very own iPad arrived last week, so I have lots of things to discover.
  • A few other items I can’t make public yet – makes you want to check back doesn’t it?

So stay tuned, you might see an interesting post or two.


Photo: Reading on the Beach by cmcough


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